• Full technical production service for all elements of live show

  • Booking of stage management teams for multi-stage show

  • Overseeing technical and production production budget

  • Overseeing lighting and overall technical design for the full space

  • Designing / specifying pyrotechnics / SFX for show

  • Liaising with venue on complex power and rigging requirements

  • Advancing all performers for all technical elements of show, including music and circus style performers

Project Summary

Based in Barcelona, this was one of the largest show in the region during that season. Over the period of LIBRARY PRODUCTIONS involvement, the Cisco Live CAE pushed the boundaries of Technical Production.  

At this event we provided all of the technical staff, from the Lighting Designer and lighting crew boss, to the audio engineers and stage management team. We were responsible for managing a large production budget, as well as overseeing all of the technical and creative elements of the show, including detailed rigging, power and data plans.

CLIENT: George P Johnson / Cisco
SERVICE: Production Director & full Stage Management Team
YEARS ON PROJECT: 2019, 2018